Golf Swing Tips From Jack Nicklaus

by Jordan Caron on December 11, 2010

Take it from the greatest of all time and do this drill

Lately I have been struggling with my own golf game.  The main reason is that I am thinking FAR too much while standing over the ball.  Being an INSTRUCTOR is something I love but at times I tend to over analyze my own game and this causes me to think to much.

So I decided to dig out some old magazines for any golf swing tips because my BALL STRIKING has become that poor.  If you’re a first time reader I should tell you that I write a lot of posts on this site regarding course management, short game and the mental game.  All three areas are the easiest and most efficient places to lower your scores.  Trying to give golf swing tips over the internet is hard because I cannot see if you’re doing the drill properly, unless of course you take advantage of my AMAZING offer and sign up for Golf Swing Analysis Program.

With that being said, today’s post will be a swing tip that EVERYONE of you should read careful because it comes from the mouth of the greatest player on the history of the game, Jack Nicklaus.  Here is what Jack has to say about SWING THOUGHTS;

“My last thought before I take the club away isn’t a thought at all, it’s an image of me swinging slowly.”

Most of what I talk about in regards to the mental game deals with visualization.  These words confirm that you should start VISUALIZING more on the golf course because if the best player of all time did so, then why aren’t you?

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Mental Golf – Tunnel Vision

by Jordan Caron on December 8, 2010

A few years ago I was REALLY struggling with my mental golf game and confidence.  I tried to make changes in my fundamentals and swing but this only proved to hurt my confidence even FURTHER which was very frustrating.  I am sure ALL of you have been or felt the same way I did.

So what was I to do?  A fellow Professional at the club I was working at suggested I read a book. Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game by Dr. Gio Valiante was what he suggested.  I had read only one other book on and that was by Mental Game Guru Bob Rotella.

The thing I picked up most on Fearless Golf was only look at where you want to hit it.  During my stretch of very poor play I was thinking about and looking at all the trouble on a hole like trees, water and bunkers.  Instead of looking at the fairway, the green and pin, I was distracting my mind on bad stuff.  I suggest you all read Fearless Golf as there are many different tips on the mental game and this will no doubt help you lower your scores.  Dr. Valiante has worked with many top PGA Tour players and last weeks Memorial winner Justin Rose was quick to single out Dr. Valiante along with his swing coach and a fellow Canadian of mine Sean Foley.

A sure bet way to lowering your scores and improving your swing is my video swing analysis program.  Check it out here.

Tunnel vision can also help reading greens.  Really focus your attention on the hole and your line of putt while reading.  When on the putting green I often chuckle at people who are distracted by a ball or bag that is in a players putting line past the hole but not directly.  This means they’re a not using their tunnel vision to read greens.  A good drill to focus on your putting line and to really make sure you have tunnel vision is to draw two lines with 4 clubs (2 on each side) about 2 feet apart from each other.  When reading and hitting putts, your mind and eyes should be focused on this 2 foot wide path all the way to the hole.  You should be looking at nothing outside the lines.

Once again, focus your mind and eyes on a tunnel when hitting full shots and putts.  This will really help your mental golf game, confidence as your are only thinking about positive affirmations!

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Golf Strategy – Play From Different Tees

by Jordan Caron on November 27, 2010

A few nights ago I decided to head down to the club and play a few holes after work.  Normally I finish work at 5:30 PM so I have a few hours of daylight to sneak a few holes in.  This is GREAT because I can play fast since my home course is quiet which allows me to hit a few extra full shots and chips and putts around the greens.  Be sure to do this when YOU play late at night with no one on the course.

These benefits are not the reason for this post though.  I decided that I was getting bored of hitting the same shots and clubs on every hole.  So I decided to do something I did growing up trying to play better golf. This was playing different tee boxes at my home club.  When you play from a different set of tees you hit different clubs off the tee boxes and different shots into the greens.  This adds a new and refreshing element to the game which is what you need to do from time to time.  Not only that it can boost your confidence if your playing from shorter tees then normal!  Now that is one REALLY easy tip to shot lower scores!

Play from all these tee boxes!

Playing the same course and same sets of tee markers will not help you improve as a player.  You have to LEARN how to hit various shots to lower your scores and there is no better way to do this then changing up what sets of tees you play.  This was a tip recommend to me by a Professional at my home club growing up and at a young age I listened to everything he said because he was a really good player.

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During my younger years I would play each set of tee markers for one week then switch it up the following week.  If you don’t play as much, be sure to switch every round weather it’s your home course or a new course.  It will help you learn how to hit so many shots in a much quicker period of time.  Especially if you don’t want to put the time in to practicing the game on the driving range.

This simple tip will help you enjoy the game more and learn how to play so many shots you have never seen before.


Golf Swing Tips

by Jordan Caron on November 14, 2010

Yet another video blog entry below!

As promised here is the link to my Swing Analysis Program and below is my video drill on rotation.

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Here’s some golf swing tips that work on rotation .  Setup to a golf shot like you were but without a club. From there cross your arms and place them on the tops of your shoulders. Your finish position should have your back foot rotated so that you are standing on your back toe and your belt buckle facing the target.

See the video below for a better understanding of how to do this drill.


Golf Target – Where To Miss

by Jordan Caron on October 26, 2010

I once heard the saying that golf is a game of misses.  It’s a game of many different things but this  statement is true and very overlooked.  Most of this post will talk about course management and opening your eyes to what really is a good shot and what is a bad one and I’m not talking how close it is the flag.

If you watch some of the Professionals on TV you’ll hear a commentator talk about a player being “short sided”.  This refers to a player missing the green where there very little green to work with.  So even though you may have hit the best shot of your life, you might actually be left with a short sided chip that will be difficult to get up and down.  Where as you could have hit an average shot to the proper side of the green and easily two putted.

The easiest way to avoid getting into situations where you are often short sided is to aim away from tucked flag sticks on greens.  Below is another picture of a hole at Chambers Bay with tucked flag on the back left of the green with a bunker on the left as well.

Short Sided/Where To Miss

Short Sided/Where To Miss

Even though the flag stick and cup are the end goal, it’s best to aim away from this flag stick since it’s a high risk shot.  Chambers Bay is hosting the 2015 US Open and if the pin was in this position, my guess would be that 5% of the field would actually aim at the pin.  So the play is to place your ball as best you can to the right side of the green or even just off also being 10 yards short of pin high.  This give you the best angle to hit your second shot close and get up and down for a par 3.  If you were to go into the bunker left of the hole, a 4 would be a really good score and unless your a good bunker player a par 3 would be almost of the question.

Once again you must create your own targets based on your playability and comfort ability.  If you were a really good bunker play and felt comfortable hitting a shot in the flag with a desired  right to left ball flight, I would say try and go at the pin and see if you can make a birdie.  But if your not comfortable with that ball flight or bunkers then aim at the wide open area of grass to the right of the hole, it’s a much easier shot!  One thing to note is that the yardage to the pin might be 145 yards but for the target that you are hitting at (the big round blue circle) it will be only 110-135 yards so the shot will play shorter making it easier all around.  Also, be sure to aim either left or right of the

So there you have it!  Stay away from sucker pins, come up with your own target, aim point and join my free Golf Instruction newsletter by clicking here and start playing better golf now!


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